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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a query?  Check out the FAQs below 

When are you open?

NbLDL offers weekday, weekend and evening appointments so there is a time slot to suit everyone, and I don’t limit you to having to choose from set working hours, making it easy to find a mutually convenient time for us both.

Where are you based?

I offer treatments from a home-based beauty room in Great Ashby, Stevenage.

Is there any parking on site?

If there is space on the driveway when you arrive then you are welcome to park there, or alternatively there is free parking available on the road.

Do you offer mobile appointments?

I offer a mobile service for selective group bookings, pamper parties and special events based in Herts, Beds, Bucks and the surrounding areas.

How do I book?

Contact Laura on 07818233339 or  Simply send me a message with your name, choice of treatment, and preferred day/time & I will get back to you ASAP with availability and the NbLDL policy bundle for your information.

How do I pay?

I no longer accept cash payments therefore I ask that all payments are made online via bank transfer.  Bank details are included in the NbLDL Policy Bundle, which will be sent to you upon booking an appointment.

Who can enjoy NbLDL treatments?

Everyone is welcome at NbLDL.  I do not discriminate on any basis and offer a wide range of treatments that can be customised or adapted to suit your individual needs.   

Occasionally, there may be a medical reason as to why a treatment cannot be performed; please ensure your client consultation form is always correct and up-to-date.  If your medical situation changes between appointments then please ensure you submit a new client consultation form as necessary.

Are there any age restrictions for treatments?

For insurance purposes, anyone aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult, and provide signed consent from a parent or guardian.

Can I bring my child(ren) to my appointment?

The equipment and products used are often not suitable for children and therefore in order to prioritise everyone’s safety I ask that you do not bring  them to your appointment.  In any event, I would encourage you to make alternative suitable childcare arrangements so that you can thoroughly enjoy your NbLDL experience in peace.

How long will my appointment last?

NbLDL appointments are a treat to be savoured.  I do not rush your treatments and each service is provided with the utmost care and precision.

The length of your appointment will depend on a number of factors including whether removal of a previous set is needed, how much nail shape & cuticle work is required, and how complex the nail art is.

If you have any time restrictions please ensure you mention this when booking your appointment.

What will my appointment involve?

All NbLDL appointments include a thorough consultation, file, shape and cuticle tidy, and are finished with CND SolarOil to condition the nails.

I will ask you your preferred nail shape (and talk you through the options if you aren’t sure), discuss the colour and nail art choices available, and explain how to look after your nails at home, before completing the treatment of your choice.

You can read a full run-through of what to expect at your first NbLDL appointment in this blog post.

Do I need to do any pre-appointment prep?

Not at all, although if you are a new NbLDL client it is preferable if you could attend your first appointment with clean nails which are free from product.

I will file your nails to the desired length and shape, and carry out a thorough cuticle tidy before I begin any painting.

All polish or gel polish from a previous NbLDL appointment will be removed free of charge. 

How often should I re-book?

Depending on how quickly your nails grow, there will usually be visible regrowth 2-3 weeks after your manicure appointment (for toes this is likely to be closer to 4 weeks).  After this time, your nails may well also show signs of wear and therefore a fresh set would be advised.

How long will my nails last?

This depends entirely on how well you look after your nails.  As long as you give them a little care and attention during this time, I would expect your CND Shellac manicure to last flawlessly for at least 14 days and a regular polish manicure for up to 7 days.  

You will be given aftercare advice during your appointment and your NbLDL Policy Bundle also includes a detailed section on mani maintenance for you to follow at home.   

For your toes, they are likely to last until they need removing for visible regrowth.

How can I make my nails last longer?

Follow all the aftercare advice and treat your nails as ‘jewels not tools’.  This means not using your nails to open things; wearing gloves for cleaning, washing up and gardening; and using your SolarOil daily.

Read my top tips for at-home nail care and keep that mani looking beaut for longer!

What safety procedures do you have in place?

NbLDL prides itself on ensuring excellent hygiene standards, so where possible, I use (and then dispose of) single-use tools such as nail files, and use a medical-grade sanitation system for non-disposable items and the surrounding treatment area.

In light of COVID-19, I have also implemented and amended a number of comprehensive procedures in order to prioritise everyone’s safety and to ensure you feel at ease throughout your treatment.  Full details of this safety policy can be found here.

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