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CND™ Shellac™ Manicure


Experience a gel polish mani, finished with CND™ Shellac™ -
a hard, scratch-resistant, ultra-shine coating.
Also includes free removal if applied by me.

CND Shellac Manicure: Service

"I cannot recommend Laura enough!!
I have had my nails done a lot over the years & gel polish just does not seem to stick to my nails! After a few days it usually chips or peels off completely. Laura did my nails for a wedding I was bridesmaid at recently, they have lasted 2 weeks with no chipping and no peeling! I have also been on holiday, applying lots of suncream and moisturiser - and still no problems.
If anything - my nails have just felt stronger and healthier!
I have just taken the gel polish off and I was also really impressed with how easily it came off. The only problem now is that I live in Wiltshire, which is slightly too far away for Laura to do my nails again!!"


CND Shellac Manicure: Quote
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