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IBX™ Pedicure


Finish your pedi with IBX™, a growth & strengthening treatment which repairs nail damage & provides internal protection to encourage growth.

IBX Pedicure: Service

"Having had Laura do many amazing manicures for me previously,

when I had a nail emergency I knew she was the person I had to call!

I had stubbed my toe & broke my big toenail quite near to the cuticle. It was very painful and was catching on everything... plus I had a beach holiday coming up! Laura used an IBX treatment to fix the break & strengthen the nail.

The fix was great, instantly making it less painful

& it lasted my holiday until the nail grew out naturally!

I recommend Laura not only for the most beautiful manicures and nail art but she is also a wealth of knowledge and skill for those tricky nail problems."


IBX Pedicure: Quote
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