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Focus on foil

Lots of you have been surprised at the number of ways you can use nail foil, so this blog post breaks down some of the most popular foil designs for you, so that you can request nail foil art with confidence at your next Nails by Laura D Lee appointment.

Left to right: The Splodge; The Sandwich; The Stamp

The Splodge

Obviously a technical term (!), this design involves placing ‘splodges’ of foil all over the nail. The end result looks so effective and is super quick to do thanks to the sticky layer of CND Shellac - simply dab the foil over the gel polish coating. The splodges are designed to catch the light as your hands move and I recommend using 2 or 3 contrasting colours to create the best effect here.

The Sandwich

This involves sandwiching foil in between 2 layers of CND Shellac colour, giving you a gorgeous multi-layered effect.

I find that this looks particularly effective when different coloured foils are used under a very thin top layer of CND Shellac, but why not also try different textured foils, such as Shimmer or Waves, to create a multi-tonal masterpiece!

The Stamp

This is trickier to achieve than the previous 2 designs, but no less effective. It involves stamping the desired design and then adding the foil on top to create a luxurious 'embossed' effect. The stamping works best on thicker outlines as it can be tricky to pick up more delicate designs when stamping with Foil Gel, but this technique can also be used for dots, lines, or hand-painted embellishments to really set your mani apart.

Left to right: The Splodge 2.0 - Matte; Full coverage (Galaxy); Full Coverage (Rainbow)

The Splodge 2.0 - with Matte Top Coat

Just look at how stunning those splodges are when they're paired with a matte top coat. I personally think this is an absolute game-changer, plus you get the added benefit of your nails feeling silky soft once they've been mattified!

The Full Coverage

A lot of foils are metallic and singularly coloured, but others have a design on them that is made for more than just a splodge. On these occasions, full coverage is optimal. The nail is painted with Foil Gel and the chosen foil then covers the entire nail. I love using the Galaxy foils with this method, but the colour-merging Lecente Rainbow Shimmer foil also looks fabulous, pictured above with a star outline design stamped on top.

So there you have it, a variety of ways in which foil can be used to elevate your nail art designs. Which is your favourite?

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